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Easy Steps on Planning a Successful Event

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Planning an event can be an extremely time-consuming project. If you’re not organized, it can prove to be very difficult and sometimes even tedious. Depending on the type of event that you’re planning, the steps you have to take may change but the concept will always be the same.

Here’s a list of tasks that will help you start your planning and launch a successful event


Set the Date

Once the date of the event is set, it’ll be easier to create a timeline for your to-do’s. Giving yourself deadlines will also help you finish the tasks in time and guarantee that you have everything you need prior to the event.

Define the Type of Event and Theme

Defining the type of event is crucial. The planning and execution of a corporate dinner will differ from a kid’s birthday party. Some examples of types of events are as follows: holiday party, corporate event, kid’s birthday party church gathering, baby shower, etc.

Furthermore, setting the theme of the event will make every decision moving forward easier. It’ll give you an idea of how you want to decorate the venue. Everything from the color of the balloons, tablecloths, and even the type of food will be influenced by the theme of your event.


Know your Budget

Once you have your date, set a budget range for the event. This is a key element, as your budget will play an important role at the time of the decision-maker. It will determine how many attendees you’ll have, the type and size of the venue you’ll rent, menu options and decorations, etc. This is where a party planner can help you, to shape the event around your budget and avoid compromising important things or going over the budget.

Create a List of Invitees

Now that you have the date and budget set, you can start creating a list of invitees for your event. The number of invites will narrow down your venue search and help you optimize the places you look at.


Reserve the Venue

When looking for a venue you need to take certain things into account: layout, capacity, is it indoors/outdoors, parking, staff, and most important: availability. Is the venue providing tables, linens, cutlery? If not, this means that you’ll need to outsource them.

Send Invites/RSVPs

Your venue is all set! It’s time to send your invitations. Make sure to include an RSVP section and ask your invitees to let you know 2 weeks prior to the event, as this will give you time to make changes in the menu and staff if needed.


Determine the Menu (Catering Vendors)

Your menu will depend on the type of event that you are hosting, e.g. a corporate event will differ from a kid’s birthday party or a 4th of July celebration. When choosing your menu make sure you include options that can accommodate various dietary preferences or restrictions (such as vegetarian or gluten-free). It is important that when you present the food everything is labeled properly to avoid confusion and allergy-related incidents.

Decorations / Extras

As we mentioned in the theme section above, knowing what your party theme will be will help you choose your decoration. Balloons, table clothes, table tops, flowers, bounce castles, games, etc.

For example, a kids birthday party will feature lively colors and entertainment for the younger ones, and be decorated with balloons, whereas a corporate event will feature sober colors and fancier tableware and cutlery.

Let’s Party!

In conclusion, planning an event takes time and dedication, but it is not impossible. Create a plan, organize yourself and it can become a fun thing to do!



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