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Snow Cone Machine

$50.00 $55

Snow cone machine rental is a great way to beat the heat while delighting guests of all ages. Snow cones are a sweet and frosty!!.

After the kids spend the afternoon running, playing and jumping in their bounce house, what better way to cool off than with a cool snow cone made just the way they like it?.

Our package comes complete with 70 services to get started, including the classic paper cones and a variety of syrup colors and flavors. All it takes to get started is some ice, pop it into your snow cone machine rental and you’re done!.

Add on a dedicated attendant to serve snow cones to your guests, or offer “self-serve” so guests can make their own snow cone.

Snow Cone machine party rentals are available across Miami Dade and Broward County. Order now on to book your snow cone machine rental and get ready for the best party yet!

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