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¿ What About the Tablecloths ?

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When planning a party or event we usually think of a million things and most of the times we leave something very important for last: the tablecloths. How important are they when decorating your party? Well, pretty much.

Any table that you rent, whether it is at a park, at an event’s venue or a rented table that you take to your house should have a tablecloth on it due to the wear and tear that happens at any event. This not only helps decorate the event, but to protect the table that is being rented.

In this article we will be explaining the different types of tablecloths and their uses.

Plastic Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths are the most common and you can acquire them at any party supply store. They are characterized by being the most practical, especially for collecting and cleaning. They can be obtained in infinite colors so you can combine them with the theme of your party.

They are ideal for children’s parties or parties held in outdoor places, where disaster and is what predominates. You can just wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them or pick them up and throw them away and you are ready. They have saved more than one from a hurry.

However, if you want your event to be different or a little more elegant, these are not your best option.

Their price is the most accessible and you can buy them at any party supply store such as Party City, Dollar Tree, and Walmart, among others.

Polyester Tablecloths

Polyester tablecloths, as the name implies, are made with polyester fabric and come in different sizes that fit the table’s type (rectangular, square or round) and size you are going to use. They are ideal for all kinds of events, from a children’s party to a wedding ceremony; They give a sense of more seriousness, elegance and raise the level of your event. They will never disappoint at the time of showing off with the decoration of your event.

You can get them in any color you want. You just have to choose the theme of the party and combine.

Navy blue round tablecloth

Ideally, you should rent this type of tablecloth and use it, place it in a bag and deliver it; You don’t have to worry about sending it to the dry cleaner or washing it. Your party rental company will take care of that for you.

Their prices are quite accessible and will vary depending on the size of the tablecloth.

Satin Tablecloths

Silver Satin tablecloth

Satin tablecloths, like the polyester ones add a more elegant touch to your event. However, these is brighter fabric and they give a special and dignified touch to your event. You can get them in all sizes and shapes that fit the type of table you have.

They are ideal for formal celebrations such as wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, or Baptisms. Events where you want the elegance and importance of the celebration to predominate. With this type of tablecloths, we recommend pastel or softer colors. Bright, stronger colors might be too much and they usually tire the sight of the guests.

The prices of these tablecloths will also vary depending on the size of the tablecloth and are usually a little more expensive than polyester and plastic. Also, with this type of tablecloth we recommend renting instead of purchasing them.

Table Skirts

Skirts are a differentiating element when decorating your table. They’re usually only used and recommended for the main table or the cake table, and others which you want to highlight or differentiate; such as the gifts or buffet tables.

However, you have to be very careful when placing the table skirts. You do not want to overload the table or take the attention away from other elements such as the cake or sweets on the table.

Depending on what type of table skirt you choose, you have to take into account that you have to place a tablecloth on top of the table. It is recommended to use a polyester tablecloth and not bright colors, so as not to take the attention away from the detail of the table skirt.

Tutu Skirt

The table skirts most used for these occasions are the famous tutu that give a colorful and crazy touch to your party. These are table skirts made of tulle fabric in which several colors or the same color are combined to highlight them. The current trend is more inclined towards the combination of soft or pastel colors.

The polyester table skirts are the most common. They are made with folds of polyester fabric to give it a “fall” effect. You can get them in any color you want and combine them with the theme of your event.

There are other types of table skirts that are more elaborate, such as those of rose petals, leaves, checkered, and pin tucks, among others. These skirts are more elaborated, and they stand out by themselves, so you will not need much more decoration when placing them.

At the time of renting or acquiring a table skirt for your event we recommend that you take into account the measures, since many of them only cover two sides of the table for when the table is placed against a wall. Ideally, you should cover the four faces of the table so that it looks uniform, regardless of its placement.

As with tablecloths, its price will vary depending on the material and size you choose. At the time of acquiring the skirt it is recommended to rent them, since it is used only once for specific and unique events and they are not for daily use, in addition they are not usually very cheap.

Special or Seasonal Tablecloths:

Special tablecloths tend to raise your event budget a bit but there is nothing like them to make your event magnificent. They can come with textures or with special designs:

Roses Design

Tablecloths with textures:

The tablecloths with textures are those that are not smooth to the touch. These tablecloths are used to highlight certain tables that want to have prominence, such as the main table, the cake table or the gift table.

They are used for tables that do not require or do not have more decoration to avoid overloading the view of the guests, since the tablecloth by itself gives a unique and special touch to the table. Among these tablecloths we have those of rose petals, leafy one, burlap, pintuck, among others.

Petals Design

Tablecloths with Designs:

The tablecloths with designs are tablecloths that raise and highlight the theme of your event. They are tablecloths that are trending now when decorating a simple but elegant. They are tablecloths with floral designs, colored pints, marble designs (combination of two colors), velvet or any shape that combines with fresh and specific colors for each season.

Tablecloths with design

These tablecloths are seasonal where each design and color goes in hand with the current season. The colors and design will vary if you make the party in spring, summer, autumn or winter or if it is a day or night party. That is why it should be very clear in what season you are going to make your event so that you use these tablecloths as it should be.

Table Runners

The table runners are decorative elements made of different types of fabric, which are placed in the center of the tables to protect their surface and create a more pleasant atmosphere. The table runners add color, texture and highlight when decorating your table. These are practical for daily use as well as suitable for special occasions when a refined touch is needed.

They are used especially during parties or season to give theme to your table or simply if you want to change the mood of your room.

Certain fabrics and textures are associated with different type of events: for formal occasions such as wedding ceremonies and special events, silk ot satin table runners are used. And for more casual use it is recommended to use fabrics such as cotton or polyester. If you want to give ir more rustic or charming feel, we recommend burlap.

Burlap runner

The table runners are not usually an expensive piece for your decoration. However, they can vary in price depending on the type of fabric used. There are good option both buying them for daily use or renting if you are only going to use them for a specific event.


To conclude, the appropriate choice of the type and color of the tablecloth will depend on the type of event or party you are going to make and the importance you want to give to the decoration.

Th truth is that, thanks to the huge variety of tablecloths that we find in the market, it is easy to find the tablecloth that best fits the type of event, decoration and budget.

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